Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
When you first come you should wear loose sports clothing such as jogging bottoms, t-shirt and trainers. You can buy the club uniform when you become a member so there is no need to buy a special outfit straight away. Bring a bottle of water as well, Martial Arts is thirsty work.

I am not sure if I should come on my own?
We recognise that it can be intimidating for some people to take that first step through the door. We make sure that everyone is made welcome. Your first lesson is free of charge with no commitment so that you can make sure that you are happy with both our teaching style and the atmosphere of the school before joining.

Do I have to be fit to come to the classes?
Absolutely not. Martial Arts will build the fitness you require to train. Martial Arts is famous for training the mind and internal health as well as fitness. All we ask is that you do your best.

What does a typical class consist of?
Typically a class is made up of three main areas. Fitness, Technical & Sparring. Within this we teach self defense techniques with a partner, plenty of pad work and supervised sparring (once students have reached a certain level).


Will I get hurt in class?
Martial arts by its nature is a contact activity, and yes accidents can happen. Therefore, you should expect very occasional bumps and knocks (Nothing more than you expect in the school playground). Every precaution is taken to ensure your safety. The aim is to improve your ability to defend yourself and not for you to get injured each time you attend a class.

What is involved in sparring?
Sparring is like a game of tag and is an important tool for learning. It builds confidence and self control along with fitness, hand eye coordination etc. You will only take part in sparring when you have reached a competent level. This will be built up slowly starting with slow motion and touch sparring. Sparring is closely supervised and no one should get hurt.

Are the classes suitable for girls/women?
Yes the classes we run are open to all regardless of sex, religion or age. Everyone is treated equally.

I am conscious of my body will I be embarrassed?
Most certainly not. We are here to help everyone achieve their full potential, avoid bullying and ensure a safe, fun and friendly training atmosphere for all our students.

I see all the information for beginners but I want to fight and become a fighter?
No problem, we are linked with the WTKA, WMC, UKMF, BJA and the AMA so if that is your chosen path we can make that happen. You will be training with a World and European champion who has walked this path before you and has the experience and knowledge to guide you.

I am worried about being bullied in class?
We run a zero tolerance policy for any kind of bullying. Everything we teach is based around this philosophy. We are also a member of MAAB (Martial Artists Against Bullying).

Will my medical conditions prevent me from training?
If you have an existing medical condition we strongly recommend that you consult your GP before training. If they give you the okay to train you should then inform your instructor of any known medical conditions, any medication you are on and if there are any special arrangements or precautions you may need to take. If you feel that there is something in the training that may make a medical condition worse then you should explain to your instructor and you will be allowed to stop. At no point should you risk injury or illness as a result of training.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to
contact us. We would be pleased to help.